Department - Educational Technology


Educational Technology


The Department focuses on research and development of products and services in the field of Educational Technology, primarily related to language teaching combined with cultural education.

The main activities of the Department are developed around the following topics:

  • Teaching Greek as a mother tongue
  • Teaching Greek as a second language
  • Teaching Greek as a foreign language
  • Teaching Ancient Greek
  • Teaching the Greek Sign Language
  • Parallel teaching of mother tongue and second language to young learners
  • Foreign language teaching for Greeks

The activities of the Department aim at developing innovative e-learning environments for language learning, incorporating language technology tools and methods in order to enhance language learning and foster language acquisition. Basic research in this department is directed towards the successful definition of useful tools while applied research is carried out for the evaluation of their efficiency. In addition, multimedia approaches are employed in order to further improve the teaching results of the products. The Department specialises in the development of products and services addressed to children but also provides solutions for adults.

A series of useful tools and systems are under development in co-operation with other departments of ILSP / R.C. "Athena" and are incorporated in various electronic platforms and products. Such tools and systems are the following:

  • intonation recognition algorithms
  • morphological analysis tools
  • information retrieval tools in multimedia environments
  • spelling and grammar checkers
  • techniques for the audio-visual alignment of texts
  • computer environments for the development and demonstration of educational dictionaries
  • data compression techniques

The incorporation of speech recognition and text-to-speech synthesis in educational technology products is one of the key interests of the Department. The continuous development of new attractive ergonomies is also of primary interest. 






Department projects are supported by the following members:
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