Project - Enabler


Start date: 01-12-2001
End date: 31-08-2003
Funded by: Thematic Network - IST / ENABLER
Project leader: Maria Gavrilidou

The proposed Network aimed at coordinating national activities established by European states concerning LRs. The action aimed at: establishing a regular exchange of information; identifying and fostering possible synergies and cooperation; promoting the compatibility and interoperability of their results, thus facilitating the successful transfer of technologies and tools among languages and the construction of multilingual LRs; increasing the visibility and the strategic impact of those national activities in the field of HLT; contributing to the creation of an overall framework in which the public and private sectors, national efforts and international coordination could cooperate in order to answer the IST need for LRs.

To this end, the project has:

  • Established and coordinated the relevant Network
  • Conducted a survey of existing national activities
  • Organised the exchange of experience on technical aspects
  • Recorded the industrial requirements and LR validation
  • Contributed to an overall strategy for LRs

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