Project - Νoema


Start date: 01-06-1999
End date: 28-02-2001
Funded by: EPET II (AMEA)
Project leader: Gregory Stainhaouer

As indicated by the full title "Project for the Documentation and Processing of Linguistic and Cultural Material from the Greek Sign Language (GSL)", the main objective of the NOEMA project was to systematically collect and analyze original linguistic and cultural GSL data with the final goal to exploit the so created data corpus for the development of a series of educational products in electronic form.

As far as the linguistic material of the project was concerned, a video corpus of native GSL speaker's utterances was created, emphasizing on linguistic expression connected to everyday activities, communication and special needs of the deaf community.

The final products of the project serve educational as well as communication purposes, are bilingual (Greek Sign Language - Modern Greek) and are addressed to either deaf or hearing users.

The list of the project's end products include:

  • a general purpose electronic dictionary of the Greek Sign Language (GSL), including 3.000 video lemmas with parallel entries by means of the Greek Manual Alphabet and lemma classification according to the basic Handshapes of GSL, the dictionary also providing fields for synonyms, antonyms and cognitive domain as well as interpretation and translation of the lemmas into Modern Greek,
  • an electronic children dictionary of GSL with 500 lemmas, integrated in a software environment containing also word formation exercises and creative narration games,
  • a series of children's favorite tales in cartoon form with integrated video narration in GSL.

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