Start date: 01-01-1995
End date: 30-06-1998
Funded by: EPET II
Project leader: George Carayannis

The DIALOGOS project aimed at the further development of second generation language technology which started evolving in the 1980's in Greece. Dialogos ensured the unobstructed continuation of the industrial process for valorization of the already existing technology and the development of new know-how. In this way there will be no lag in relation to our European partners. Within this aim a search was carried out in order to register and exploit all the existing know-how on language technology in Greece, in universities and research institutes as well as other productive units.

DIALOGOS developed 8 different products with serious return on investment possibilities. These products concerned all the applications with language or speech processing needs along with educational activities with an emphasis on teaching Greek as a foreign language. All the research results of the project linked with the Greek production system in the short term, with a few mid-term exceptions. The production of the necessary Language Technology in our country is essential so that the activity sectors that will use it can benefit directly. Such sectors are: Automation in Office systems, Educational and Cultural Technology, Communications, Electronic Information Filing.

In December 1997 the DIALOGOS project successfully completed its third year. According to the original work plan, the project would end and be completed in its third year. However, in order to obtain better research results in certain work packages and to have a more efficient and credible testing of resulting prototypes, under real conditions, an extension was given by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology. The action lines and the respective work packages are given below:

(Note: Reference is made only to the work packages in which ILSP / R.C. "Athena" is involved.)


Research areas





Project Partners: