Publication - Building Multilingual Terminological Resources

Building Multilingual Terminological Resources

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Year: 2005
Authors: Maria Gavrilidou; Penny Labropoulou; M. Monachini; Stelios Piperidis; C. Sori
Book title: Proceedings of the RANLP 2005 International Workshop on Language and Speech Infrastructure for Information Access in the Balkan Countries
Address: Borovets, Bulgaria
Availability of Language Resources (LRs) for the development of Human Language Technology (HLT) applications is recognized as a critical issue with political and economic impact as well as implications on the sphere of cultural identity. This paper reports on the experience gained during the INTERA European project for the production of multilingual languages resources (MLRs), namely parallel corpora and terminological lexicons, for less widely available languages, i.e. those languages that suffer from poor representation over the internet and from scarce computational resources, but yet are requested by the market. It discusses the procedure followed within the project, focuses on the problems faced which had an impact on the initial goals, presents the necessary modifications that resulted from these problems, evaluates the market needs as attested by various surveys, and describes the methodology that is proposed for the efficient production of MLRs.