Publication - Multi-level XML-based Corpus Annotation

Multi-level XML-based Corpus Annotation

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Year: 2002
Authors: Harris Papageorgiou; Prokopis Prokopidis; Iason Demiros; Voula Giouli; A. Konstantinidis; Stelios Piperidis
Book title: Proceedings of the 3nd Language Resources and Evaluation Conference
Address: Las Palmas
Organization: European Language Resources Association
Date: June
In this paper, we present the methodological principles and the implementation framework of text annotation process in an Information Extraction setting. Due to the recent prevalence of XML as a means for describing structured documents in a reusable format, our team has switched to an XML based annotation schema. In that framework, an XML annotation platform has been built, while processing tools, lexical resources and textual data communicate with each other via this platform. Editing/viewing tools have been implemented, endowed with functionalities that allow annotators to gain access to previous annotation levels as well as necessary lexical resources.
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