Publication - Το Ερμηνευτικό Λεξικό για το Γυμνάσιο

Το Ερμηνευτικό Λεξικό για το Γυμνάσιο

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Year: 2007
Authors: Maria Gavrilidou; Voula Giouli; Penny Labropoulou
Book title: 8ο Διεθνές Γλωσσολογικό Συνέδριο για την Ελληνική Γλώσσα
Address: Ιωάννινα
In this paper we present the Dictionary for Junior High School students, a monolingual Greek dictionary targeted at young native language learners, that has been compiled in the framework of a national project for the production of new teaching material. After presenting the specifications set by the Ministry of Education, we discuss the main methodological principles that underlie its construction and elaborate on the main features of the dictionary. In particular, we report on the macrostructure of the dictionary (the organization of the headwords in word families and groups of derived words and compounds that highlights word production mechanisms), on the microstructure, as well as on the way the overall information is presented for the benefit of the students. Finally, we suggest ways of integrating the dictionary in the classroom as a teaching tool rather than a simple reference material.