Department - Electronic Lexicography and Language Resources


Electronic Lexicography and Language Resources


The main objectives of the Electronic Lexicography and Language Resources Department is to conduct basic and applied research in the field of Computational Lexicology and Lexicography, to create language resources (Text Corpora and Lexica) and to contribute to the development of related prototypes. Research and development in this department focuses on the following domains:

  • collection, processing and annotation of monolingual and multilingual corpora, which serve as the basic language material for linguistic research and application development,
  • design and development of an integrated corpus management environment,
  • design of lexicographic specifications (criteria for macrostructure design, specifications for microstructure codification, etc.),
  • design and development of a lexicographic Workbench,
  • development of computational lexica for Natural Language Processing,
  • development of monolingual (Greek) and multilingual electronic dictionaries for human users,
  • creation of terminological databases,
  • development and maintenance of the Hellenic National Corpus service over Internet.

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