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  • Antonio Toral, Tommi Pirinen, Andy Way, Raphaël Rubino, Gema Ramírez-Sánchez, Sergio Ortiz-Rojas et al. (2015). Automatic Acquisition of Machine Translation Resources in the Abu-MaTran Project. Procesamiento del Lenguaje Natural, 55, 185-188. [...]
  • Athanasia Zlatintsi, Petros Koutras, Niki Efthymiou, Petros Maragos, Alexandros Potamianos & Katerina Pastra. (2015). Quality evaluation of computational models for movie summarization. In 2015 Seventh International Workshop on Quality of Multimedia Experience (QoMEX), pages 1-6. [...]
  • Basilis Gatos, Nikos Stamatopoulos, Giorgos Sfikas, George Rekatsinas, Papavassiliou, V., Simistira, F. et al. (2015). GRPOLY-DB: An old Greek polytonic document image database.. In, pages 646-650. [...]
  • Drosatos, G., Efraimidis, P., Avi Arampatzis, Giorgos Stamatelatos & Ioannis N Athanasiadis. (2015). Pythia: A privacy-enhanced personalized contextual suggestion system for tourism. In 2015 IEEE 39th Annual Computer Software and Applications Conference, pages 822-827. [...]
  • Ebenezer O Oniya, George S Polymeris, Nnamdi N Jibiri, Tsirliganis, N., Isreal A Babalola & George Kitis. (2015). Contributions of pre-exposure dose and thermal activation in pre-dose sensitizations of unfired and annealed quartz. Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 110, 105-113. [...]
  • Effie Mouka, Ioannis E Saridakis & Fotopoulou, A. (2015). Racism goes to the movies: A corpus-driven study of cross-linguistic racist discourse annotation and translation analysis. New directions in corpus-based translation studies, 1, 35. [...]
  • Emmanouilidis, C. & Christos Riziotis (2015). Wireless condition monitoring integrating smart computing and optical sensor technologies. Engineering Asset Management-Systems, Professional Practices and Certification. Springer. [...]
  • Evanggelidis, V., Michail-Antisthenis Tsompanas, Georgios Ch Sirakoulis & Andrew Adamatzky. (2015). Slime mould imitates development of Roman roads in the Balkans. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, 2, 264-281. [...]
  • George Mavrotas, Nikos Gakis, Sotiria Skoulaxinou, Katsouros, V. & Elena Georgopoulou. (2015). Municipal solid waste management and energy production: Consideration of external cost through multi-objective optimization and its effect on waste-to-energy solutions. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 51, 1205-1222. [...]
  • Georgios Vlachopoulos, Panayiotis Korfiatis, Spyros Skiadopoulos, Alexandra Kazantzi, Christina Kalogeropoulou, Pratikakis, I. et al. (2015). Selecting registration schemes in case of interstitial lung disease follow-up in CT. Medical physics, 42(8), 4511-4525. [...]
  • Hercules Panoutsopoulos, Pavlidis, G., Markantonatou, S., Vasilis Economou, Sofia Mysirlaki, Nikolaos Papastamatiou et al. (2015). Create It’--‘Share It’--‘Game It’: the case of a web-based digital platform for creating, sharing and delivering gamified educational scenarios. In Proceedings of EDULEARN15 Conference. [...]
  • I Liritzis, P Volonakis, S Vosinakis & Pavlidis, G. (2015). Cyber-archaeometry from cyber-archaeology: new dynamic trends in archaeometric training and research. In Virtual Archaeology (Methods and benefits). Proceedings of the Second International Conference held at the State Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg, The State Hermitage Publishers, pages 38-40. [...]
  • IK Sfampa, GS Polymeris, V Pagonis, E Theodosoglou, Tsirliganis, N. & G Kitis. (2015). Correlation of basic TL, OSL and IRSL properties of ten K-feldspar samples of various origins. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms, 359, 89-98. [...]
  • Ioannakis, G., Koutsoudis, A., N Papamarkos & Chamzas, C. (2015). Object-Panorama using SIFT/SURF descriptors and Tamura texture features. Ioannis Liritzis University of the Aegean, GR Arne Flaten Ball State University Susan Bergeron, 23, 46. [...]
  • Katsouros, V., Christos Koulamas, Apostolos P Fournaris & Emmanouilidis, C. (2015). Embedded event detection for self-aware and safer assets. IFAC-PapersOnLine, 48(21), 802-807. [...]
  • Kazakis, N. (2015). The research activity of the current faculty of the Greek chemical engineering departments: a bibliometric study in national and international context. Scientometrics, 103(1), 229-250. [...]
  • Kazakis, N., Sakalis, A., Tsiafaki, D. & Tsirliganis, N. (2015). ISLAND OF ANDROS POTTERY IN ARGILOS? ARCHAEOMETRIC STUDY USING $mu$-XRF AND MULTIVARIATE STATISTICAL ANALYSIS. Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry, 15(3), 73-86. [...]
  • Kazakis, N., Tsirliganis, N. & George Kitis. (2015). Preliminary thermoluminescence investigation of commercial pharmaceutical glass containers towards the sterilization dosimetry of liquid drugs. Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 105, 130-138. [...]
  • Kiourt, C., Koutsoudis, A., Arnaoutoglou, F., Georgia Petsa, Markantonatou, S. & Pavlidis, G. (2015). A dynamic web-based 3D virtual museum framework based on open data. In Digital Heritage, 2015, pages 647-650. [...]
  • Kiourt, C., Dimitris Kalles & Pavlidis, G (2015). Human rating methods on multi-agent systems. Multi-Agent Systems and Agreement Technologies. Springer. [...]
  • Konstantinos Charalampous, Ioannis Kostavelis, Evangelos Boukas, Angelos Amanatiadis, Lazaros Nalpantidis, Emmanouilidis, C. et al (2015). Autonomous robot path planning techniques using cellular automata. Robots and lattice automata. Springer. [...]
  • Konstantinos Kourtidis, AK Georgoulias, M Vlahopoulou, Tsirliganis, N., N Kastelis, K Ouzounis et al. (2015). Radon and radioactivity at a town overlying Uranium ores in northern Greece. Journal of environmental radioactivity, 150, 220-227. [...]
  • Konstantinos Zagoris, Pratikakis, I. & Basilis Gatos. (2015). A framework for efficient transcription of historical documents using keyword spotting. In Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on Historical Document Imaging and Processing, pages 9-14. [...]
  • Koutsoudis, A. (2015). 3D Digitisation of World Heritage: Digitizing UNESCO Heritage (the case of 3DICONS). Ioannis Liritzis University of the Aegean, GR Arne Flaten Ball State University Susan Bergeron, 23, 9. [...]
  • Koutsoudis, A., Arnaoutoglou, F., Athanasios Tsaouselis, Ioannakis, G. & Chamzas, C. (2015). Creating 3D Replicas of Medium-to Large-Scale Monuments for Web-Based Dissemination Within the Framework of the 3D-Icons Project. CAA2015, 971. [...]
  • Koutsoudis, A., Ioannakis, G., Blaž Vidmar, Arnaoutoglou, F. & Chamzas, C. (2015). Using noise function-based patterns to enhance photogrammetric 3D reconstruction performance of featureless surfaces. Journal of Cultural Heritage, 16(5), 664-670. [...]
  • Koutsoudis, A., Ioannakis, G., Pratikakis, I. & Chamzas, C. (2015). RETRIEVAL 3D: an on-line content-based retrieval performance evaluation tool. In Proceedings of the 2015 Eurographics Workshop on 3D Object Retrieval, pages 95-98. [...]
  • Lazaros Tsochatzidis, Anna Karahaliou, Konstantinos Zagoris, Spyros Skiadopoulos, Nikolaos Arikidis, Lena Costaridou et al. (2015). A two-stage SVM-based mammographic CBIR for CADx. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisting Intervention (MICCAI) Workshop on Breast Image Analysis (BIA), pages 41-48. [...]
  • McCrae, J., Labropoulou, P., Gracia, J., Villegas, M., Rodriguez-Doncel, V. & Cimiano, P (2015). One Ontology to Bind Them All: The META-SHARE OWL Ontology for the Interoperability of Linguistic Datasets on the Web, pages 271—282. Springer International Publishing. [...]
  • Michalis A Savelonas, Pratikakis, I. & Konstantinos Sfikas. (2015). An overview of partial 3D object retrieval methodologies. Multimedia Tools and Applications, 74(24), 11783-11808. [...]
  • Panagiotis Theologou, Pratikakis, I. & Theoharis Theoharis. (2015). A comprehensive overview of methodologies and performance evaluation frameworks in 3D mesh segmentation. Computer Vision and Image Understanding, 135, 49-82. [...]
  • Pavlidis, G. & Markantonatou, S. (2015). GameIt and a new paradigm on gaming in education. Ioannis Liritzis University of the Aegean, GR Arne Flaten Ball State University Susan Bergeron, 23, 39. [...]
  • Pavlidis, G. & Vasileios Sevetlidis. (2015). Demystifying publishing to Europeana: A practical workflow for content providers. Scientific Culture, 1(1), 1-8. [...]
  • Pecina, P., Toral, A., Papavassiliou, V., Prokopidis, P., Tamchyna, A., Way, A. et al. (2015). Domain adaptation of statistical machine translation with domain-focused web crawling. Language Resources and Evaluation, 49(11), 147-193. [...]
  • Pratikakis, I., M Spagnuolo, T Theoharis, L Van Gool & R Veltkamp. (2015). Partial 3D object retrieval combining local shape descriptors with global fisher vectors. [...]
  • Simistira, F., Adnan Ul-Hassan, Papavassiliou, V., Basilis Gatos, Katsouros, V. & Marcus Liwicki. (2015). Recognition of historical Greek polytonic scripts using LSTM networks. In, pages 766-770. [...]
  • Simistira, F., Katsouros, V. & Carayannis, G. (2015). Recognition of online handwritten mathematical formulas using probabilistic SVMs and stochastic context free grammars. Pattern Recognition Letters, 53, 85-92. [...]
  • Tsaouselis, A., Stavroglou, K., Koutsoudis, A., Arnaoutoglou, F., Michailidou, N. & Tsiafaki, D. (2015). The 3D Icons Portal: A Web tool for the dissemination of European Cultural Heritage Thesaurus. In. Sienna, Italy. [...]
  • Tsiafaki, D. (2015). "Ancient Thrace and Thracians through the Athenian eyes". In. Gotse Deltsev, Bulgaria. [...]
  • Tsiafaki, D. & Michailidou, N. (2015). Benefits and problems through the application of 3D technologies in archaeology: recording, visualisation, representation and reconstruction. Sci. Cult, 1(3), 37-45. [...]
  • Victor Rodriguez-Doncel & Labropoulou, P. (2015). Digital Representation of Rights for Language Resources. In Proceedings of the 4th Workshop on Linked Data in Linguistics (LDL-2015), ACL-IJCNLP 2015, pages 49 - 58. [...]
  • Vinciarelli A., Esposito A., Andre E., Bonin F., Chetouani M., Cohn J. et al. (2015). Open Challenges in Modelling, Analysis and Synthesis of Human Behaviour in Human–Human and Human–Machine Interactions. Cognitive Computation, 1-17. [...]


  • Antoniou-Kritikou, I., Botini, P., Economou, N., Flouda, C., Sidiropoulos, N. & Vacalopoulou, A. (2014). ICT in Vocational Secondary Education: a Platform to Support Greek Language Learning. In ICT for Language Learning. Florence, Italy : [...]
  • Dologlou, I. & Bakamidis, S. (2014). Multiresolution image compression using non linear transformations. In Proceedings of IPCV 2014, pages 407-411. Las Vegas, USA. [...]
  • Fiotaki, A. & Markantonatou, S. (2014). Modern Greek Tense in main and να-subordinated clauses: an LFG/XLE treatment. In Miriam Buttm & Tracy Holloway- King (editors), Proceedings of the LFG14 Conference. Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA : CSLI Publications. [...]
  • Kilgarriff, A., Charalabopoulou, F., Gavrilidou, M., Johannessen, J., Khalil, S., Johansson Kokkinakis, S. et al. (2014). Corpus-Based Vocabulary Lists for Language Learners for Nine Languages. Language Resources and Evaluation Journal, 48(1), 121-163. [...]
  • Pontiki, M., Galanis, D., Papanikolaou, K. & Papageorgiou, H. (2014). Eliciting Praise, Criticism and Recommendations from Positive and Negative Sentiments. In. Rhodes Island, Greece. [...]
  • Prokopidis, P. & Papageorgiou, H. (2014). Experiments for Dependency Parsing of Greek. In Proceedings of the First Joint Workshop on Statistical Parsing of Morphologically Rich Languages and Syntactic Analysis of Non-Canonical Languages, pages 90-96. Dublin, Ireland. [...]
  • Prokopidis, P., Bellos, A., Papageorgiou, H. & Markopoulos, G. (2014). Δεδομένα και πειράματα για την αυτόματη συντακτική ανάλυση ελληνικών κειμένων. In Proceedings of the 11th International conference on Greek Linguistics. Rhodes, Greece. [...]
  • Tsirliganis, N. & Kazakis, N. (2014). Scientific Data and Metadata in Archaeological Research Opportunities within the Ariadne Network., Istanbul, Turkey, 20th Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists. [...]

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