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  • Agata Savary, Marie Candito, Verginica Barbu Mititelu, Eduard Bejček, Fabienne Cap, Slavomír Čéplö et al. (2018). PARSEME multilingual corpus of verbal multiword expressions. [...]
  • Aleksei Kelli, Krister Lindén, Kadri Vider, Labropoulou, P., Erik Ketzan, Pawel Kamocki et al. (2018). Implementation of an Open Science Policy in the context of management of CLARIN language resources: a need for changes?. In Selected papers from the CLARIN Annual Conference 2017, Budapest, 18--20 September 2017, pages 102-111. [...]
  • Anna Rizzo, El Raheb, K., Sarah Whatley, Rosa Maria Cisneros, Massimiliano Zanoni, Antonio Camurri et al. (2018). WhoLoDancE: Whole-body Interaction Learning for Dance Education. In. [...]
  • Antoniou-Kritikou, I., Economou, N. & Flouda, C. (2018). Εφαρμογές σε κινητό στην υπηρεσία της γλωσσικής εκπαίδευσης: Προβληματισμοί και προοπτικές. In Γιώτα Παπαδημητρίου & Χριστόφορος Κωσταρή (editors), Εκπαίδευση στον 21ο αιώνα: Αναζητώντας την καινοτομία, την τέχνη, τη δημιουργικότητα, pages 174-183. [...]
  • Antoniou-Kritikou, I., Economou, N. & Flouda, C. (2018). Quick Greek: A Mall App to Support Communication in Greek as a Foreign Language. In Proceedings of the Edulearn18 Conference, pages 3239-3248. Palma, Mallorca, Spain. [...]
  • Fergadis, A., Christos Baziotis, Pappas, D., Papageorgiou, H. & Alexandros Potamianos. (2018). Hierarchical bi-directional attention-based RNNs for supporting document classification on protein-protein interactions affected by genetic mutations. Database : the journal of biological databases and curation, 2018. [...]
  • George Lambrakopoulos, Nikolaos Begetis, Katifori, A., Karvounis, E. & Ioannidis, Y. (2018). Experimental evaluation of the impact of virtual reality on the sentiment of fear. In 2017 23rd International Conference on Virtual System & Multimedia (VSMM), pages 1-6. [...]
  • Konstantina Papanikolaou, Pontiki, M. & Papageorgiou, H. (2018). Exploring the Predominant Targets of Xenophobia - motivated Behavior : A Longitudinal Study for Greece. In. [...]
  • Markantonatou, S. (2018). Multiword expressions at length and in depth : Extended papers from the MWE 2017 workshop. [...]
  • Pavlidis, G. & Markantonatou, S (2018). Playful education and innovative gamified learning approaches. Handbook of Research on Educational Design and Cloud Computing in Modern Classroom Settings. IGI Global. [...]
  • Piperidis, S., Labropoulou, P., Deligiannis, M. & Giagkou, M. (2018). Managing public sector data for multilingual applications development. In Proceedings of the Eleventh International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC-2018). [...]
  • Rousou, M. & Katifori, A. (2018). Flow, staging, wayfinding, personalization: Evaluating user experience with mobile museum narratives. Multimodal Technologies and Interaction, 2(2), 32. [...]
  • Theo Thonat, Abdelaziz Djelouah, Fredo Durand & George Drettakis. (2018). Thin Structures in Image Based Rendering. Computer Graphics Forum, 37. [...]
  • Tsiafaki, D., Koutsoudis, A., Michailidou, N. & Arnaoutoglou, F (2018). Chapter 2. From a Buried Fragment to the Virtual Artefact: A Case Study of Greek Pottery, pages 17-34. [...]
  • Vacalopoulou, A., Efthimiou, E., Fotinea, S., Goulas, T. & Dimou, A. (2018). MAKING ONLINE EDUCATIONAL CONTENT ACCESSIBLE IN GREEK SIGN LANGUAGE. In, pages 7305-7310. [...]


  • Avramidou, A. & Tsiafaki, D. (2017). Preliminary Results of the Research Project Attic Pottery in Thrace. In. Kazanlak. [...]
  • Christos Veinidis, Pratikakis, I. & Theoharis Theoharis. (2017). On the retrieval of 3D mesh sequences of human actions. Multimedia Tools and Applications, 76(2), 2059-2085. [...]
  • Costello, B., Fotinea, S., Herrmann, A., Sapountzaki, G. & Sverrisdóttir, R (2017). The native lexicon.. In C. C. J. Quer C. Donati, C. Geraci, M. Kelepir, R. Pfau, , , . & M. Steinbach (editors), SignGram Blueprint: A guide to sign language grammar writing (Vol. 3). Mouton de Gruyter. [...]
  • Diakoumakos, I., Katifori, A., Kourtis, V., Karvounis, E. & Ioannidis, Y. (2017). Demonstrating the use of the alphabetic telegraph through a collaborative AR activity.. In Proceedings of 23rd Int’l Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia -VSMM. Dublin, Ireland. [...]
  • Dologlou, I. & Bakamidis, S. (2017). Phonetic Search in Audio and Video Recordings. Digital Humanities, 12. [...]
  • Drosatos, G., Aimilia Tasidou & Efraimidis, P. (2017). Privacy-Enhanced Television Audience Measurements. ACM Transactions on Internet Technology (TOIT), 17(1), 10. [...]
  • Economou, N. (2017). Use and Impact of Digital in Cultural Heritage: Insights from the Scottish Network of Digital Cultural Resources Evaluation. In In Museums and the Web 2017. Cleveland, Ohio,USA. [...]
  • Efthimiou, E., Fotinea, S., Panos Kakoulidis, Goulas, T., Athansia-Lida Dimou & Vacalopoulou, A. (2017). Sign Search and Sign Synthesis Made Easy to End User: The Paradigm of Building a SL Oriented Interface for Accessing and Managing Educational Content. In International Conference on Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction, pages 14-26. [...]
  • Evgenia Paxinou, Vasilis Zafeiropoulos, Athanasios Sypsas, Kiourt, C. & Dimitris Kalles. (2017). Assessing the impact of virtualizing physical labs. arXiv preprint arXiv:1711.11502. [...]
  • Fotopoulou, A. & Giouli, V. (2017). From Ekfrasis to Polytropon: conceptual design of Lexical Resources. In Georgakopoulos, Thanasis , Pavlidou, Theodossia-Soula , Pehlivanos, Miltos et al (editors), 12th International Conference on Greek Linguistics (ICGL12), pages 327-339. Berlin : Edition Romiosini/CeMoG. [...]
  • G Kontogianni, R Chliverou, Koutsoudis, A., Pavlidis, G. & A Georgopoulos. (2017). ENHANCING CLOSE-UP IMAGE BASED 3D DIGITISATION WITH FOCUS STACKING.. International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing & Spatial Information Sciences, 42. [...]
  • Gkiokas, A. & Katsouros, V. (2017). Convolutional Neural Networks for Real-Time Beat Tracking: A Dancing Robot Application.. In ISMIR, pages 286-293. [...]
  • Ioannakis, G., Koutsoudis, A., Pratikakis, I. & Chamzas, C. (2017). RETRIEVAL—An Online Performance Evaluation Tool for Information Retrieval Methods. IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, 20(1), 119-127. [...]
  • Kiourt, C., Pavlidis, G., Koutsoudis, A. & Kalles, D. (2017). Multi-agent based virtual environments for cultural heritage. In The XXVI International Conference on Information, Communication and Automation Technologies. Sarajevo. Bosnia and Herzegovina. [...]
  • Konstantinos Sfikas, Theoharis Theoharis & Pratikakis, I. (2017). Exploiting the PANORAMA Representation for Convolutional Neural Network Classification and Retrieval.. In 3DOR. [...]
  • Konstantinos Zagoris & Pratikakis, I. (2017). Bio-inspired modeling for the enhancement of historical handwritten documents. In 2017 14th IAPR International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition (ICDAR), pages 287-292. [...]
  • Konstantinos Zagoris, Pratikakis, I. & Basilis Gatos. (2017). Unsupervised word spotting in historical handwritten document images using document-oriented local features. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 26(8), 4032-4041. [...]
  • Koumpouros, G., Alexandra Karavasili, Efthimiou, E., Fotinea, S., Goulas, T. & Vacalopoulou, A. (2017). User Evaluation of the MOBOT Rollator Type Robotic Mobility Assistive Device. In Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on PErvasive Technologies Related to Assistive Environments, pages 354-359. New York, NY, USA : ACM. [...]
  • Lazaros Tsochatzidis, Konstantinos Zagoris, Nikolaos Arikidis, Anna Karahaliou, Lena Costaridou & Pratikakis, I. (2017). Computer-aided diagnosis of mammographic masses based on a supervised content-based image retrieval approach. Pattern Recognition, 71, 106-117. [...]
  • Manakidou, E. & Tsiafaki, D. (2017). Karabournaki 2017: research and study at the ancient settlement. In. [...]
  • Panagiotis Theologou, Pratikakis, I. & Theoharis Theoharis. (2017). Part-based 3D object retrieval via multi-label optimization. Computer Vision and Image Understanding, 160, 148-157. [...]
  • Pavlidis, G. & Royo, S. (2017). 3D Depth Sensing. In Bentkowska-Kafel, A., MacDonald & L. (editors), Digital Techniques for Documenting and Preserving Cultural Heritage. ARC Humanities Press. [...]
  • Pfau, R., Dimou, A., Fotinea, S. & Sapountzaki, G (2017). Verbal morphology; Tense.. In C. C. J. Quer C. Donati, C. Geraci, M. Kelepir, R. Pfau & M. Steinbach (editors), SignGram Blueprint: A guide to sign language grammar writing (Vol. 3). Mouton de Gruyter. [...]
  • Piperidis, S., Labropoulou, P. & Gavrilidou, M. (2017). clarin:el: a language resources documentation, sharing and processing infrastructure [in Greek]. In Georgakopoulos, Thanasis , Pavlidou, Theodossia-Soula , Pehlivanos, Miltos et al (editors), Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Greek Linguistics, pages 851–869. Berlin : Edition Romiosini/CeMoG. [...]
  • Pontiki, M. & Papageorgiou, H. (2017). Opinion mining and target extraction in Greek review texts. In Proceedings of the 12th International conference on Greek Linguistics, pages September 26-29. Berlin, Germany. [...]
  • Pouli, K., Tsiouli, M. & Labropoulou, P. (2017). Ορολογικοί πόροι ΟΡΟΣΗΜΟ: επιμέλεια, ταξινόμηση και αποτελέσματα. In Πρακτικά 11ου Διεθνούς Συνεδρίου Ελληνική Γλώσσα και Ορολογία. Αθήνα. [...]
  • Pratikakis, I., K. Zagoris, G. Barlas & B. Gatos. (2017). ICDAR2017 Competition on Document Image Binarization (DIBCO 2017). In 2017 14th IAPR International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition (ICDAR), pages 1395-1403. [...]
  • Stathopoulou, T., Papageorgiou, H., Papanikolaou, K. & Kolovou, A. (2017). Re-examining the dynamics of protest in times of precarity and change. The case of Greece.. In Herbert von Halem Verlag (editor), Computational Social Science in the Age of Big Data. Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications. Cologne, Germany. [...]
  • Tiverios, M., Manakidou, E. & Tsiafaki, D. (2017). Karabournaki 2012: Archaeological research and study at the ancient settlement. In, pages 439-446. Thessaloniki. [...]
  • Tsiafaki, D. (2017). Archaeology and Illicit Antiquities trafficing: parallel routes?. In. Komotene : Department of History and Ethnology, DUTh. [...]
  • Tsiafaki, D. (2017). Thracian warriors linking(?) Greeks and Thracians. In GRIECHISCHE VASEN ALS KOMMUNIKATIONSMEDIUM. GREEK VASES AS MEDIUM OF COMMUNICATION. Wien. [...]
  • Tsiafaki, D. (2017). Exploring the reality through myths and archaeological evidence. In. Kazanlak. [...]
  • Tsiafaki, D. (2017). The transition to the Classical period in Northern Greece through pottery. Continuities and discontinuities. In Classical Pottery of the Northern Aegean and its Periphery (480-323 B.C.).. Thessaloniki. [...]
  • Tsiafaki, D. & Avramidou, A. (2017). Attic Vases in Thrace as Agents of Commercial and Cultural Values. In Commercial Networks and Cultural Connections in Thrace: Evaluating the Pottery Evidence. Instabul. [...]
  • Τιβέριος, Μ., Μανακίδου, Ε. & Tsiafaki, D. (2017). Αρχαιολογικές έρευνες στο Καραμπουρνάκι κατά το 2011: Μελετώντας ανασκαφικά δεδομένα και κεραμικά ευρήματα. In Το Αρχαιολογικό Έργο στη Μακεδονία και τη Θράκη 25, 2011, pages 403-410. Θεσσαλονίκη. [...]

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