Windows Settings for Filoglossia
Windows Settings for Filoglossia
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Windows Settings for Filoglossia

In order to run the program "Filoglossia", the following steps are required in the specified order:

1. Select the small fonts mode:

To do so, in Display Properties window (in Control Panel) select the Small Fonts

2. Select Multilanguage Support:

To do so, in the Add/Remove Programs option in Control Panel click Windows Setup tab. In the Components list, click Multilanguage Support, and then click Details. Select the Greek and Cyrillic languages and then click OK.


3. Install the Greek keyboard language:

To do so, in the Keyboard option in Control Panel, click the Language tab. Click Add and in the Add Language dialog box, select Greek Keyboard language and then click OK. Click the Properties button and select Greek Keyboard Layout.Then click OK.


4. Make sure that the unicode Times New Roman and not the non-unicode Times New Roman Greek fonts exist in the fonts folder.

To do so, search in the fonts folder for fonts with the same or similar fontnames but different filenames.

Leave in the folder only the unicode Times New Roman fonts and delete the old non-unicode Times New Roman Greek fonts.

To distinguish between unicode and non-unicode fonts, consider that unicode fonts typically have more than 100 KB size, while non-unicode have less than 100 KB size.
Also note that unicode fonts appear with a more recent date.

Your fonts folder should eventually contain (among others) the following fonts:

When you choose Russian as support language, make sure you follow the same procedure as above for Arial fonts (i.e. the unicode Arial and not the non-unicode Arial should exist in the fonts folder).


Filoglossia troubleshooting

Q. Some texts in Greek seem to overflow or do not fit in the size of a box.
A. Check steps 1 and 4 as described above.

Q. I cannot type in Greek.
A. Check steps 2 and 3 as described above.

Q. A "box" appears instead of a Greek character at the beginning of a word
A. Check step 4 as described above.

Q. I cannot type in the language tools window.
A. Make sure you click in the box before you type your text.

Q. The prerecorded voices of the program are too loud (or too low) and some functions of the program (i.e. voice recognition, sonogram and voice recording) do not work properly.
A. Use a good quality external microphone. In order to achieve the best playback and recording level you must experiment with different kinds of playback and recording levels by using the Mixer utility program of your sound card.