"Logonostisi" is a multimedia programme, produced by ILSP / R.C. "Athena". The aim of this program is teaching Greek to repatriated children from the former Soviet Union, who speak Greek as a second language.

Within the framework of the "ODYSSEAS" project -funded by the Ministry of Education - ILSP / R.C. "Athena" has undertaken the design of support language teaching lessons adapted to these children's needs, in order to balance the language level among pupils in Greek schools and to facilitate the teachers in their work.

"Logonostisi" consists of two levels:

  1. the teaching level
  2. the communication level

At the teaching level, the main objective of this series of lessons is for the pupil to acquire efficiency in communication (spoken and written), so as to be able to understand and produce various types of text covering real communication needs inside and outside the school environment. The whole approach is based on the use of the language, but also on the understanding of its functions. The supporting language, in which complicated Greek language phenomena will be explained, is Russian. In addition, the user has the ability to access a Greek-Russian dictionary embedded in the database, so that vocabulary questions can be answered immediately.

The text or dialogue is the core from which all linguistic activities begin (semantic approach, lexicological approach, grammatical approach, parallel texts, dictionary) and it enhances the pupils' sensitivity about cultural, health, environmental and traffic education. In this way, language education is combined with other subjects.

At the communication level, the objective of the programme is the communication of pupils between and within schools, for the creation of composite assignments and their involvement in various activities (question-hunting, exchange of opinions etc.), based on the thematic areas of the teaching texts. The pupils have the opportunity to access an electronic library in which related texts, pictures, videos and sounds have been integrated, in order to enrich their knowledge and at the same time assist them in their composite assignments.

In this program, cultural education acquires an intra-cultural nature, due to the fact that cultural information on various ethno-cultural groups is included in the electronic library.



We would like to inform you that ILSP has ceased the sales of all its physical products (books, CD/DVD-ROMs) altogether. Our products have been significant innovative results of the R&D activity of our researchers and have allowed, over two decades, the Greek society, public sector and industry to learn and enjoy the potential of digital tools and services. ILSP continues to develop new technologies and systems and to offer innovative services and technological solutions following its vision for the digital transformation of Greece and contribution to dealing with grand societal challenges.