Nea Logomatheia
Nea Logomatheia

Nea Logomatheia

The Institute for Language and Speech Processing (ILSP / R.C. “Athena”) is pleased to announce the release of the last edition of the most exhaustive educational platform ever developed in Greece. Nea logomatheia has been developed for the teaching of Greek as a mother tongue, addressed to students of primary and lower secondary education.  
Nea Logomatheia is a multimedia interactive software (DVD-ROM) accompanied by three books. The development was undertaken by experts in the fields of linguistics, pedagogy and computer science. 

The software is addressed to all those interested in the proper use of the Greek language and constitutes a useful reference tool for personal use as well as for classroom teaching. It covers the four levels of the Greek language: morphology, syntax, spelling and semantics (derivation and word formation). Each one of the 200 units of the product gives the user opportunities for study and practice through:

  • the didactic part where the material is presented briefly using video, 3D-animation, graphics, etc.
  • the exercises of progressive difficulty for knowledge consolidation
  • the electronic library for full description of all language phenomena
  • the electronic prizes encompassing, among others, poetry, songs, traditional musical instruments, site-seeing of the Greek islands, Greek mythology and architecture, Argonaut expedition, children's choir songs
  • the dictionary of grammatical terms
  • an editor with a number of language technology tools (automatic phonetic transcription tool and a text-to-speech tool).

For the instructors:

  • the ‘additional lessons’ tool allowing them to create their own educational scenaria in which they can combine their language material to material from the platform.

The three accompanying books, About Language – Introduction, Spelling and Syntax

encompass the detailed description of the language phenomena, the exercises and their solutions in the Appendix.

The Greek Pedagogical Institute, as well as the Ministry of Education of Cyprus have adopted “nea logomatheia” to be used in all schools.


Contact person:  Ioanna Antoniou-Kritikou


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We would like to inform you that ILSP has ceased the sales of all its physical products (books, CD/DVD-ROMs) altogether. Our products have been significant innovative results of the R&D activity of our researchers and have allowed, over two decades, the Greek society, public sector and industry to learn and enjoy the potential of digital tools and services. ILSP continues to develop new technologies and systems and to offer innovative services and technological solutions following its vision for the digital transformation of Greece and contribution to dealing with grand societal challenges.