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The Educational Greek Corpus (EGC) is based on the Hellenic National Corpus with the addition of the textbooks used in secondary education. It is available over the Internet and it is used in language education. Users can retrieve sentences by making queries based on combinations of one to three words, lemmas and/or parts of speech. EGC offers the environment and the tools to:

1. Retrieve authentic examples of use of the Greek language by searching for:

  • specific word forms: by entering the word «παίζω», all sentences containing this word form are retrieved
  • lemmata: by entering the lemma «παίζω», all sentences containing every inflected form of the lemma «παίζω», such as «παίζει», «παίξω», «παίζοντας», are retrieved
  • parts of speech: by entering «noun», all sentences containing a noun are retrieved

2. Study the results of your query in concordances.

3. Look for specific word and lemma frequencies in the EGC corpora.


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