Dallas, Giorgos

Giorgos Dallas

Personal Information

Position: Scientific Associate
Phone or fax: +30 25410 78787 (322)


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  • Dallas, G., Afouxenidis, D., E. C. Stefanaki, N. F. Tsagas, Polymeris, G., Tsirliganis, N. et al. (2008). Reconstruction of the thermally quenched glow-curve of Al2O3:C. Physica Status Solidi Α, 205(7), 1672-1679. [...] 
  • Polymeris, G., Sakalis, A., D. N. Papadopoulou, Dallas, G., G. Kitis & Tsirliganis, N. (2007). Firing temperature of pottery using TL and OSL techniques. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A, Special Issue “Proceedings of the 10th International Symposium on Radiation Physics, 580(1), 747-750. [...]