Karvounis, Emmanouil

Emmanouil Karvounis

Personal Information

Position: Scientific Associate


  • Katifori, A., Kourtis, V., Restrepo, C., Petousi, D., Karvounis, E., Rousou, M. et al. (2019). Approaching dark heritage through “essential questions”: An interactive digital storytelling experience for the University of Athens Criminology Museum. In MW19: Museums and the Web 2019. Boston, MA, USA. [...] 
  • Katifori, A., Karvounis, E., Kourtis, V., Sara Perry, Rousou, M. & Ioannidis, Y. (2018). Applying Interactive Storytelling in Cultural Heritage: Opportunities, Challenges and Lessons Learned:. In, pages 603-612. Dublin, Ireland. [...] 
  • George Lambrakopoulos, Nikolaos Begetis, Katifori, A., Karvounis, E. & Ioannidis, Y. (2018). Experimental evaluation of the impact of virtual reality on the sentiment of fear. In 2017 23rd International Conference on Virtual System & Multimedia (VSMM), pages 1-6. [...] 
  • Diakoumakos, I., Katifori, A., Kourtis, V., Karvounis, E. & Ioannidis, Y. (2017). Demonstrating the use of the alphabetic telegraph through a collaborative AR activity.. In Proceedings of 23rd Int’l Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia -VSMM. Dublin, Ireland. [...]