Publication - Experimental Device for IC Testing

Experimental Device for IC Testing

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Year: 1987
Authors: Nicholas Glaros; Eleftherios Kayafas
Editor: G.S. Tzafestas; G. Madan Singh; Günther Schmidt
Volume: 2
Book title: Proceedings of First European Workshop for System Fault Diagnostics, Reliability and Related Knowledge-Based Approaches
Pages: 417-422
Address: Rhodes, Greece
Date: Aug. 31-Sept. 3
A digital IC tester was designed and implemented to serve the needs of an electronics laboratory. The tester (i) checks the operational condition of a series of integrated circuits that mostly realise sequential and combinational functions, (ii) provides user with a feedback on the various malfunctioning conditions that may occur in parts of the IC being tested or in the entire body of it.