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Learning Technologies


The Department focuses on interdisciplinary research, technological development and innovation in the field of learning Technologies with an emphasis on exploring learning mechanisms, designing, developing and evaluating innovative educational services and applications for language and lifelong learning (with feedback from linguistic research, characterized by pedagogical principles and have a high degree of interaction), exploring the effectiveness of language technology tools and their integration in language learning applications, as well as the development of language resources for learning purposes (corpora, dictionaries). The Department mainly utilizes language technologies, multimedia content technologies and interaction technologies for the purpose of supporting and enhancing the teaching/learning process, covering a wide age range and diverse learning needs (natural speakers of Greek of every educational level, speakers of Greek as a second/foreign language, foreign language learners, persons with congenital or acquired learning disabilities, children with learning difficulties, and people undergoing vocational training). 

Head: Ioanna Antoniou-Kritikou

Deputy head: Nicholas Glaros


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