Publication - A resource-light phrase scheme for language-portable MT

A resource-light phrase scheme for language-portable MT

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In Proceedings


Year: 2011
Authors: George Tambouratzis; Sokratis Sofianopoulos; Marina Vassiliou; Fotini Simistira; Nikos Tsimboukakis
Editor: M.L. Forcada; H. Depraetere; V. Vadeghinste
Book title: Proceedings of the 15th International Conferecne of the European Association for Machine Translation
Pages: 185-192
Address: Leuven, Belgium
Organization: EAMT
Date: May 30-31
ISBN: 9789081486118
The present article introduces a phrase-alignment approach that involves the processing of a small bilingual corpus in order to extract suitable structural infor-mation. This is used in the PRESEMT project, whose aim is the quick develop-ment of phrase-based Machine Transla-tion (MT) systems for new language pairs. A main bottleneck of such systems is the need to create compatible parsing schemes in the source and target lan-guages. This bottleneck is overcome by combining two modules, the Phrase aligner module and the Phrasing model generator, both of them being based on pattern recognition principles.