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Culture and Creative Industries




The Department focuses on interdisciplinary research, technological development and innovation in the field of sciences & technology relating to culture and creative industries based primarily on archaeology, natural sciences, mechanics and informatics and with an emphasis on the expansion, interpretation, documentation, maintenance, access, management, presentation, and dissemination of cultural content, both on the level of cultural heritage and current artistic creation. This context includes a wide range of activities, comprising fields such as digital archaeology, museum technology, cultural informatics, material study and characterization, analytic and computational assessment methods, creation of cultural content and archives/repositories, three-dimensional digitization of objects and places and, more generally, the utilization of content technologies, analysis/processing and interaction for the creation of integrated multimedia systems and enhanced experiences for culture, tourism, and the arts.

Head: Despoina Tsiafaki

Deputy head: Stella Markantonatou


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