Greek Sign Language Children's Dictionary
Greek Sign Language Children's Dictionary

Greek Sign Language Children's Dictionary

CD-ROM «Children’s Dictionary of the Greek Sign Language» is the first lexicographical attempt of the Greek Sign Language (GSL) with target audience the young deaf Greeks. It contains 500 videotaped lemmas, deriving from everyday activity, that are associated with their corresponding words from Modern Greek. It is addressed to children of nursery and early primary school age, for educational as well as communicative purposes. The «Children’s Dictionary of the Greek Sign Language» is one of the products of NOEMA project, aiming at the collection and elaboration of original linguistic material of GSL.

Main Characteristics:
  • Videotaped lemmas
  • Lemma classification according to the basic handshapes of GSL
  • Lemma search in 4 ways:
    • By means of the first handshape used for sign formation,
    • By means of the drawings, that indicate the objects related to the signs in the dictionary,
    • According to thematic units of lemmas, and
    • By means of the corresponding Modern Greek words.
  • Lexiplastis: an educational game, aiming at the mastery of the Greek Finger Spelling Alphabet

The «Children’s Dictionary of the Greek Sign Language» was created in the framework of EPET II (AMEA) Program, as a cooperation product of the Institute of Language and Speech Processing with the Hellenic Federation of the Deaf, the National Foundation for the Deaf, Kastaniotis Publications and NETCOM LTD.


Minimal System Requirements:

  • IBM compatible P/C
  • 32 MB RAM memory
  • CPU Pentium 200 MHz, or better
  • Microsoft Windows
  • CD-ROM drive 6x, or better
  • VGA card with resolution 800x600, 16 bit color depth, 24 bit color depth recommended


Contact persons:  Stavroula-Evita Fotinea, Eleni Efthimiou


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