Modern Greek for beginners (Part 1 & Part 2)
Modern Greek for beginners (Part 1 & Part 2)

Modern Greek for beginners (Part 1 & Part 2)

These books (Modern Greek for beginners-Part 1 and Modern Greek for beginners-Part 2) address Anglophone adult learners of Modern Greek (Greek expatriates and/or foreigners) and cover the language and communicative needs of the introductory level (beginners). Based on the communicative approach, they aim to help the learners acquire communicative fluency in order to be able to perform simple language tasks related to sectors of their immediate experience (entertainment, shopping, work, accommodation, travel etc). The books also include a presentation of the language system of Greek -however placed in a communicative context- in an attempt to facilitate the learner acquire linguistic accuracy as well, i.e. be able to use the language system correctly.

Following the rationale and structure of the homonymous multimedia CD-ROM series «filoglossia+», the language contents are organized in chapters, while each chapter comprises four language sections (dialogue, vocabulary, grammar, useful phrases), which include authentic and constructed texts, in which, however, socioculturally appropriate language is employed.

In particular:
  • dialogue: this is the nucleus of each chapter and portrays everyday life situations (e.g. at the airport, at the taverna, going shopping, at the bank). The learner may view the Greek text and its English translation in parallel.
  • basic and additional vocabulary, which derives from and is pertinent to the topic of each dialogue. The words are presented both in context and in lists, which are grouped according to their part of speech. The presentation of the vocabulary also includes rich visual material.
  • grammar: in this section, the most basic grammatical and syntactic phenomena that occur in the dialogue texts are presented in the context of meaningful communication. The explanation of the phenomena is provided in English in order to facilitate comprehension.
  • useful phrases: these are stereotyped phrases which constitute realizations of various language functions (e.g. greeting, introducing people, apologizing, wishing) and refer to communicative situations that emerge from the topic of each dialogue. The aim of this section is twofold: to further enhance communicative fluency but also to help the learners realize code switching depending on the social norms of the language community (formal vs. informal relationship between interlocutors, age, status, place of interaction etc.).

All chapters are accompanied by various language activities, which aim at the development of all language skills (comprehension and production of oral and written speech, vocabulary, grammar) and the consolidation of the provided language content. A grammar review and the answer key to the exercises are also available at the end of the books.

The books may be used either as self-learning tools or in combination with the multimedia CD-ROM series “filoglossia+”, while deploying English as support language may facilitate their use for self-study purposes.


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