Filoglossia+ with Chinese language support
Filoglossia+ with Chinese language support

Filoglossia+ with Chinese language support

On the occasion of the Cultural Year of Greece in China and in order to facilitate the access of Chinese learners of Modern Greek to high standard educational material, the Institute for Language and Speech Processing / R.C. "Athena" (ILSP-“Athena” Research Centre) developed a special edition of the well-known multimedia CD-ROM series “filoglossia+” employing Chinese as support language.

The “filoglossia+” series targets beginners with little or no previous knowledge of the language and is based on the communicative approach, according to which emphasis is placed on the actual use of the language for the development of basic language skills in the context of everyday life situations.

The project combines language learning with familiarization with various sociocultural features of Greece.

The basic features of the series are summed up below:

  • User-friendly and attractive interface
  • Plenty of video and audio files (with the participation of native speakers)
  • Links between texts and video
  • Recording facilities
  • Chinese translations
  • Pronunciation exercises
  • Listening and reading comprehension exercises
  • Vocabulary exercises
  • Spelling exercises
  • Grammar exercises
  • Useful phrases
  • Automatic phonetic transcription of any Greek word
  • Pronunciation of any Greek word by a synthetic voice
  • Bilingual electronic dictionary (Greek-Chinese) including examples of use, noun declension and verb tenses
  • Cultural aspects of ancient and contemporary Greek culture and civilization


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We would like to inform you that ILSP has ceased the sales of all its physical products (books, CD/DVD-ROMs) altogether. Our products have been significant innovative results of the R&D activity of our researchers and have allowed, over two decades, the Greek society, public sector and industry to learn and enjoy the potential of digital tools and services. ILSP continues to develop new technologies and systems and to offer innovative services and technological solutions following its vision for the digital transformation of Greece and contribution to dealing with grand societal challenges.